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The DA42-VI four-seater twin-engine aircraft is the successor of the DA42 NG, boasting excellent flight characteristics and enhanced cabin comfort. It is made of lightweight, robust glass and carbon fiber; it has excellent maneuverability.




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Crew — two pilots (minimum crew number — one pilot)

Capacity — three passengers

Maximum range — 1,500 km

Maximum cruise speed — 365 km/h

Two state-of-the-art engines — AE300. Power output — 168 hp

Payload — 350 kg


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Safe flight in icing conditions thanks to the added safety of a second engine and parallel operation of all systems. The TKS ice protection system protects the aircraft against icing at low temperatures. Wings, tail, propellers and windshield are protected with TKS fluid.

The cabin is equipped with a G1000 avionic system and GFC700 autopilot. The flight planning is significantly easier and all the required amendments can be made during the flight. Rain or snow does not affect the quality of radio communication due to antistatic coating and static discharger.

FADEC user-friendly digital engine control system

The DA42 engine operates on jet fuel and boasts low fuel consumption (Consumption at 60% — 10.4 US gal/hr), excellent endurance (the flight range at 60% load can reach 1,200 miles), requires low-cost Jet-A1 fuel (the average relationship of Jet-A1 to Avgas is 1:2). The diesel engine excels carbureted engines in maintenance costs.  

The tricycle landing gear is hydraulically retracted.