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The Diamond DA40 four-seater single-engine piston aircraft is designed by an Austrian-based manufacturer — Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH. It is constructed from composite materials, is equipped with the latest avionics and the state-of-the-art Austro Engine AE300 (168 hp). The DA40 aircraft is ideal for flight training and for sightseeing flights.




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Crew — two pilots (minimum crew number: one pilot)

Capacity — two-three passengers

Maximum range — 1,200 km

Maximum cruise speed — 265 km/h

Engine — AE300. Power output — 168 hp

Payload — 300 kg


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Impressive safety record   

The DA40 tops the list of civil aircraft boasting the lowest accident rate (Source: Aviation Consumer). This industry-leading safety record is the result of Diamond’s commitment to protecting the crew and passengers with a long list of active and passive safety features. Active safety features include docile low-speed handling, short takeoff and landing, excellent visibility and state-of-the-art avionics. Passive safety features are designed to minimize risks. For example, the aircraft fuel cells are made of aluminum and protected with twin carbon fiber spars to prevent post-impact fires. All components that may incur risks to the crew’s health and life meet the strictest safety requirements.

High integrity and light weight  

Radio and navigation. In addition to all standard flight instrumentation, the aircraft is equipped with radio and navigation aids vitally needed in low-visibility conditions.

The Tundra Star modification of the DA40 has excellent rough-field capability, having a beefed-up landing gear, oversized tires, vortex generators and fowler flaps. The all-new tricycle landing gear is able to withstand high stress of landings, ground dents and bumps.

The AE300 diesel engine is designed for different types of fuel, from JetA-1 to TC-1 and PT. The aircraft meets the RF requirements applicable to landing on unpaved grounds and in challenging climatic conditions. The DA40 is certified by the Aviation Administration of Russia.