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The all-metal high-wing L 410 has two GE H80-200 turbo-prop engines and is used for passenger transport (19 seats), cargo transportation or other missions. The L 410 family aircraft are used in more than 50 countries worldwide. The L 410 has the highest demand in Russia, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and Europe. The L 410 UVP E20 – the most advanced version of the L 410 – enjoys the highest demand on the market.




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Crew — two pilots

Capacity — 17-19 passengers

Maximum range — 675 km (ferry version — 1,500 km)

Maximum cruise speed — 246 km/h (405 km)

Engines: GE H80-200. Power output — 597 kW each

Payload — 1800 kg


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High wear resistance and reliability of operation in challenging weather conditions. L 410 aircraft are successfully used at temperatures ranging from –50 °C to +50 °C. The robust fuselage and unique design offer ample opportunities for using aircraft in torrid deserts of Africa and in permafrost regions.

Low-cost operation and maintenance. 

Exceptionally short takeoff and landing (takeoff – 427 m; landing – 285 m). The specially designed landing gear offers almost no limits to landing; a landing strip several meters long, with a strength of 6 kg/cm2 will be sufficient. In other words, the L 410 aircraft can take off from and land on short grass strips.

Unique thrust characteristics at high temperatures and low pressure: The powerful GE H80-200 engine operates impeccably at high altitudes above sea level and at high temperatures; the beefed-up landing gear and wheels with low-pressure tires are not afraid of rough strips.

Most spacious cabins in their class.

The L 410 UVP-E20 is certified in compliance with the Aviation Regulations 23 and is approved by the Aviation Administration of Russia.

The aircraft is also certified by EASA and FAA; it can be operated in the countries recognizing the above certificates.