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"Best in Profession" Contest Held at UWCA Among Blade Polishers

On June 8, 10, and 12, Ural Works of Civil Aviation held a professional skill competition for the best "blade polisher".

Six blade polishers contended for first place. As is customary, the competition itself consisted of two stages: a theoretical stage and a practical stage, in which the competitors' performance was a deciding factor in choosing the best in the profession.

It is interesting to note that the blade polishers participated within their own subdivision, as the profession is quite unique and the only one of its kind at the factory.


Tatiana RUTKAUSKAS, a representative of the competition committee, says,

"Twelve people from the reclamation shop applied for the competition, but, as it usually happens in summer, only six of them were not on vacation to the moment of the event. Moving forward, I'll say that they all did very well. Of course, they were quite nervous at the start. One mixed up some values while another—a question with an answer, but these were just small, momentary lapses. The theoretical portion dealt primarily with processing technology—the "mantra" of blade polishers. Despite their anxiety, as the theoretical portion revealed, they all knew the technology well. However, expressing their thoughts on job safety wasn't quite so simple.

After a 20-minute written response section, they were able to answer verbally. This was the option given to the participants. Five of the six decided to talk with the committee, which was not only commendable but also beneficial. As it turned out, the committee had follow-up questions that, for various reasons, the participants had forgotten to mention in their written responses. They answered all these questions verbally, without any difficulty, and received extra points.

The task for the practical portion was seemingly the same, but the blades had different initial values, which some participants had a tough time with. Thus, some front runners in the theoretical stage were handed out blades so difficult to process that no matter how hard you try, you never reach the size. Participants could request a substitution, but no one tried looking for an easier way.

Everyone got 33 minutes to work the blade, which they all managed. Inspectors helped evaluate their work, both visually and with measurements together with the shop foreman— a rather meticulous man, which is why he's the foreman."

A.V. BOGOMAZOV, a category 4 polisher, was declared the best.

Competition winners received commemorative statuettes, merit certificates, and cash prizes. Additionally, they were also awarded with the next qualification level.